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Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Korea, Italy, Russia, The Czech Republic, Hawaii, New Zealand, Budapest, Hungary and the UK are all watching in addition to North America!

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A new segment in "Roller Hockey Today" 
will include a listing with updates of roller hockey events throughout North America.  We want Roller Hockey TV to be your source for all the information about your sport.

if you have a tournament, new leagues, whatever, e-mail bill@mlrh.com with your information.  Be sure to include the dates and the league or tournament fees.
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Matt Popchock...
November Show of Roller Hockey Today
Recorded in Pittsburgh
Meet the RHTV Broadcast Team...
The "Play by Play" guy of  our new broadcasting team, Matt Popchock has a way with  a colorfull phrase.  Matt also covers Universityu of Pittsburgh football 
and basketball for the Bleacher Report

Matt provides play-by-play coverage of MLRH games and will report for the new Roller Hockey Today show

Lisa Cook...
Lisa Cook, is a profesional actress with an impressive resume including HBO.  As a co-host on the "Lisa and the Fireman" shows, she plays the perfect foil to the unpredictable Fireman.

"Fireman Mike"
"Fireman" Mike Wimer, by his own admission, has absolutely no broadcast experience.  MLRH Presiden Bill Raue convinced the Fireman that, if he could bring his easygoing charm to the show, the viewers could relate to him. A lawyer, a former firefighter, the Fireman is an admitted sports junkie.
​"He's the guy who will ask the tough question or say the things the professional sportscaster would be hesitant to do, said Raue."